Ben Khan – 2000 Angels

A2784D90-0B6F-4C1B-BB9C-18E8B0BE0F2EThe ‘Ben Khan’ boy is back with his first sliver of music since 2015. His whole persona is a mirror of the fantastic mysterious ‘Jai Paul’ who teased everyone a few years ago with a fresh pop glitch style that blew many a mind totally. Like Paul, Ben Khan executed the same style with such gusto that we firmly believed he was indeed a Paul family member – using the same twitchy guitar licks and stellar production. Khan took the same mysterious approach and vanished off the face of the earth with absolutely no prior warning. This track has been divulged to the public in an absolute copy cat manner using a coding website akin to The Paul brothers and their wacky ‘Paul institute’ which to be honest is highly infuriating. Music is music and in this case Ben Khan is a golden artist – We would love to hear more of it rather than sieving through a dodgy piece of code to hear it. In fairness to Khan – it’s on Spotify and we are delighted to see this classy artist back making his incredible music. Keep them coming, put us straight in for a ticket for the next concert, if he would be so kind to tour at all. Listen to his latest release below and enjoy. X


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