C.P.I. – Masa y Poder

Spanish lads C.P.I. are just out with their second release this time a four song EP 'Meine Hand'. Minimal stuff, yet atmospheric and progressive. The Eerie feel to Masa y Poder grabbed attention from the EP as it just plods along with dark sound effects littering it on its journey. It's not a show stopper... Continue Reading →

Penya – Why so Angry

We had the privilege of checking this wild collective out on Friday @ The Hospital Club. Their concert was all so mysterious with a hidden location - guest list only type deal, but they lived up to the hype. The show was energetic, playful, vibrant throughout with each musician showcasing a wonderful varied array of... Continue Reading →

Zulu Zulu – Bamboo Position

One of the most peculiar bands I have ever seen live. ‘Zulu Zulu’ are an eccentric, energetic, mash of color and vibrancy. This Spanish collective based in Mallorca blew our minds completely when we stumbled upon them at Eurosonic in January.  A wish-wash of tribal - tropical - indie, they explore sound like I’ve never... Continue Reading →

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