Zulu Zulu – Bamboo Position

E4D0BCB8-350F-4FD2-BF18-B54DFC24F123One of the most peculiar bands I have ever seen live. ‘Zulu Zulu’ are an eccentric, energetic, mash of color and vibrancy. This Spanish collective based in Mallorca blew our minds completely when we stumbled upon them at Eurosonic in January.  A wish-wash of tribal – tropical – indie, they explore sound like I’ve never seen live before. Every song has its own unique off kilter trait. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of their songs featuring on the official World Cup 2018 Playlist – like ‘Surprise Hotel’ by ‘Fools Gold’ was in 2014. Brilliant stuff here.

Take a listen – mask central.

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  1. I love peculiar! I will def be checking these dudes out. If you’re looking for other good Spanish music, check out my post on Spanish Garage Pop/Rock featuring Los Nastys, The Parrots,
    and Hinds. I adore the garage pop/rock sound, and all 3 bands do their own compelling version.

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