Weekly Sniffs #007 | Top Tracks of The Week

It's fairly boiling outside at the moment in London - perfect weather for chilling in the garden with a brew and the sound system on in the background. I've been shoveling gravel though which hasn't been that exciting per say, but these few songs have helped me through the process. Maybe I should rename the... Continue Reading →

Bombino – Tar Hani

If anyone ever suggested that you must be situated in the centre of London or New York to see talent make it through the ranks -- Just look at Bombino's story -- This Tuareg guitarist from the depths of Niger proves that concentrating on making great music eventually filters through to those who search for... Continue Reading →

Sun Glitters – Everyday is a New Start (LIVE)

Sun Glitters has made my week this week. This song has lifted spirits and minds - it's only a relaxing melancholy simple beat and rhythm in reality but it's more than that to me. Glitters performs live in the same mould as 'Gold Panda' experimenting and chopping his tunes. After all - he made the... Continue Reading →

Zulu Zulu – Bamboo Position

One of the most peculiar bands I have ever seen live. ‘Zulu Zulu’ are an eccentric, energetic, mash of color and vibrancy. This Spanish collective based in Mallorca blew our minds completely when we stumbled upon them at Eurosonic in January.  A wish-wash of tribal - tropical - indie, they explore sound like I’ve never... Continue Reading →

Usio – Hadithi Fupi

  Yet another to surface out of Sweden’s ‘Studio Barnhus’, Usio’s Hadithi Fupi is a stellar disco hit. Absolutely belted out by Kornel Kovacs and Axel Boman in the Boiler Room, this tune brings an exciting uplifting mood to the set. The beautiful sax lick coupled with the funky guitar strum is decadent. Sit back... Continue Reading →

Kojaque – Bubby’s Cream

Irish R&B has been searching for that one real breakthrough artist for the last decade of so. So many have tried to make it big domestically or abroad but it has just never matierialized for one reason or another. Admittedly we wouldn't be huge followers of Irish Hip Hop but remember Collie Collins breaking through... Continue Reading →

PHCK – Death Of A Butterfly

Trio PHCK caught our attention a couple of years back - when Martin Sundberg did a wonderful remix of Serenade. If you delve a little bit deeper into these guys' record collection you find numerous belters resting there. This is one. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/LpMSa8VYVy4

The Sound Sniffer Playlist #2

  Our second edition of the Sound Sniffer playlist is here - featuring ‘PHCK’, ‘Wilhelm’, ‘Grant’, ‘Georgie Fitz’, ‘BenZel’, ‘Shigeto’, Dubliner ‘Kojaque’, ‘The James Hunter Six’, ‘Lindstrom’, ‘Kiasmos’. Enjoy. Enjoy. https://open.spotify.com/user/1171667897/playlist/3qrtfML7sGem5J7BYxSl00?si=GgJyU5UsQualGZr_pELjoA      

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