Kojaque – Bubby’s Cream

26903700_2070561716507086_5243358867957030193_nIrish R&B has been searching for that one real breakthrough artist for the last decade of so. So many have tried to make it big domestically or abroad but it has just never matierialized for one reason or another. Admittedly we wouldn’t be huge followers of Irish Hip Hop but remember Collie Collins breaking through to the charts in 2004 with his satirical ‘Some Sham’ track and Nu-Centz winning a collab with American artist Lupe Fiasco not long after. Since- there have been many lads trying their best to pave a path in the industry but nothing has quite tickled ears to date – Until we heard this lad ‘Kojaque’. Featuring on a new Spotify designed playlist last week- he has every chance to be the one dime Irish Hip Hop has searched for. The production of ‘Bubby’s Cream’ is smashing- subtle beats merged with mellow mellow sax. Like an Irish Loyle Carner- We hope this is the beginning of something good.


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