Vilde – Mind The Puddles

Stockholm based Thomas Vilde has just sent a pretty class little piece our way today. Mind The Puddles is a chirpy number packed with a quivering vocal, a melancholy guitar jingle and a devilishly slick vibe. Instantly, we were absorbed by the artistry on show here. This is like uplifting grunge indie really and I... Continue Reading →

Kornél Kovács – Rocks

Yes, I am back lurking around the release outpost of Studio Barnhus - Stockholm, once more. One of the founding members Kornél Kovács is at it this week with a fruity new one called 'Rocks'. For me, this is far and away my most favoured label at the moment, everything seems to strike some sort... Continue Reading →

Baba Stiltz – Can’t help it

Stockholm boasts a fine collection of electronic producers of late. Signed to Kornel Kovacs and Axel Boman’s Studio Barnhus, Stiltz is in a circle of undoubted creative talent. Stiltz’s style is certainly different to the generic compositions widely heard and is worth a listen

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