Galway Street Club – Beeswing

What happens when you take all of a city’s busking community and shove them together into a band? ‘Galway Street Club’, is what happens. With members uniting from every part of the planet, this ever expanding collective of talent keeps entertaining audiences all over Ireland and the UK in the busking and live scene.

I remember hearing the story behind the wonderful indie folk band ‘Beirut’ some years ago, how Zach Condon travelled to Europe and picked up all his ideas from street music and various fusion sounds, thus creating Beirut with his mates. Galway Street Club have many wonderful world musicians in their group which make them a unique, genre splitting group of musicians. With four singers on their live rotation, these crew captivate their crowd every show. The live show is utterly stunning, total music. Check them out if you can.

Here is their lovely rendition of Richard Thompsons ‘Beeswing’

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