Kenton Slash Demon – Tik-Tik


Back in 2016, Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon were threatening and ambling towards the top of my most played tracks that year. Tunes like Syko, Sun, Skydancer II were top drawer and heavy on the play button. Since, they haven’t been too prolific with their releases, they actually fell completely off the radar. This week they have made a welcome return with a new three part EP called ‘Oli’. The middle track ‘Tik-Tik’ is the pick of the new bunch. Always totally bizarre in their production – hence why I like them – Tik-Tik is a muddled melee of strange sounds ranging from distorted pan flute to metallic strings. Kenton are back, not quite in the same capacity as 2016, but it is a start. Keep it up!

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