Jabru – Ms. Jones & I

Bruh Jackman’s (Jabru) has come straight out of leftfield with an absolute monster of a thing here! Never heard of Jabru, don’t even know what a Jabru is meant to mean, but one thing I do know – is that ‘Ms. Jones & I’ is going straight into my latest set.

Right from the off here, the pace is set with the distorted ‘anxious’ vocal snippet which is quickly accompanied by the swift bass rhythm which springs the quick tempo in motion. The tune builds and builds progressively and has a brilliantly unique style. Its not often you find a song that is stand alone stylistically on first listen. Huge fan of this, what a refreshing new sound! Absolutely Gutted I won’t be in London on Wednesday to see this man in action performing his debut LP at Rye Wax. Check out ‘Ms. Jones & I’ below. Belter.

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