Khushi – From Me

Now this is a definite radio tune! Khushi isn’t quite the household name yet, but with Warner Bros behind him it won’t be long before he makes the big step up. This tune is sheer quality from the get-go – this Londoner could just well be the next big one you know.

This man has been playing the undercard for the UK and North American leg of James Blake‘s tour and has had the privilege of having ‘Blake lay a helping hand in the construction of his album, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me. This is going to be a really exciting debut album – such crystal-clear clean production heard on the opening releases ‘From Me and ‘Freedom Falls.

From Me’ is a real stand-alone piece of art and I’ve no doubt that many would totally agree. On first listen, I got the same feeling midway through that I got upon my first hearing of Worry by Jack Garrett – that is high high praise indeed. Early contender for track of the year? Maybe!

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