Macintushie – Need Sometime

In amongst the flutter of guitar plucks, echoed vocals and soft LoFi drum patters we somehow lose our tendency to overthink and stress – this is one hell of a calming song. The sense of chill was assembled pretty early on here and that was that.

Pedro Baapz and Isabel Oliveira hail from the little known town of Juiz de Fora in Brazil, which isn’t too far from Rio. The two met through playing in a local band named Alles Club and decided to splinter off and form their own brand of shoe-gaze, Macintushie was the duo’s musical brainchild. The debut EP ‘Stillwitchu‘ was conceived after two weeks and mastered by Devilish Dear – the concept didn’t take long in having a solid bank of work.

Need Sometime‘ is the closing track of six very pleasing numbers on the maiden EP. This record as a whole is very melancholy in nature and this closing track finishes the album in a really hopeful vain, with the synths working in tandem with the muffled, yet positve vocal work.

Also, I just would like to recommend their athmospheric and moody XX-esque tune ‘Noise’, which is also top quality. Check out the EP below.

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