Benji SC – Rolling on (Ft. Mbalé & Richie Gathu)

This feels like what would happen if you mix an instrumental from The Specials with the rhythmic flow of three fairly clean-cut English rappers and it sounds quite nice in all honesty. Benji SC, originally from Bristol has come out of leftfield via The USA, releasing his debut single Rolling on late last week.

When I heard this song first I was instantly intrigued by the lovely bassline – it’s a brilliantly chilled riff – the ska styled offbeat chord is also a nice touch. This is not your average rap effort, there is alot of components that work well together, it’s a nice fusion of a couple of genres. The little instrumental breakdown that closes out the track is also stand-out. Definitely some ska vibes thrown in, nothing wrong with that!

This is a good listen if you are into rap tunes and want something different to the uninteresting bass heavy, autotune, generic rubbish that seems to have taken over everywhere.

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