Rollers of Bedlam – The Brook

Four piece rough and ready London based rock outfit Rollers of Bedlam formed back in 2017 and consist of Joseph Beeton, Luke Bryant, Luke Rendel and Dimitris Papachristos. I was totally blown away by these guys the second I heard their aggressively brooding single ‘It’s Rock n Roll’. The track sounded a unique cross between a slightly drugged up Bloc Party mixed with something from The Klaxons’ debut album. I remember having Atlantis to Interzone as my alarm tone for years, it was the only abrasive and intrusive tune that would wake me from my deep sleep. Rollers of Bedlam have touched upon a similar sound here – wild, care free and mysterious. There is just something addictive about what these guys are doing – The rhythm is totally on point – it’s hard to put my finger on exactly what stands out but I absolutely love this.

As I skimmed through the band’s back catalogue I was happy to see a very wide range of different releases and sounds. This band certainly don’t stick to one particular genre, they have hit several perfectly. British Summer Rain is a softer indie styled piece with less of the heavy stuff. Another softer, yet altogether experimental track is the impressive and stand-out The Brook. The tune opens with subtle electric guitar and tuts from a harmonica setting the scene. Beeton’s vocal is crisp and pure. The pace speeds up upon the introduction of the percussion and the song bounces along cheerfully. This is a real gem. The breakdowns work lovely throughout. I’m glad I spotted these guys.

Consistent performers on the London live circuit, be sure to check out their facebook page below for their listings. It’s well worth catching this rugged and talented fourpiece. Unique.

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