Spooky Wilson – Ho Hey

This is one of the first tunes ever submitted to us here at The Sound Sniffer and we were gutted to have to wait until it’s release date to share it with you all. Ladies and Gentlemen, I formally introduce Spooky Wilson – a unique sounding new artist who has just released his debut single Ho Hey via The Record Machine.

The song opens up in a kind of Queen-esque manner with pop style chords and cheery vocals – what you will gather from listening to Wilson is that he has a very strange style to his music and I have been very intrigued by it ever since I heard it initially. There is something completely addictive about the chorus, I found myself humming this one for nearly a week. Absolutely lodged in the music drawer in the brain instantly. Music like this is hard to come by, I certainly havn’t heard anything like it – it’s manic, crashing and totally in your face (in a good way). This lad is very raw and just setting off on his journey and I can see people getting behind it. Ho Hey is a strangely new sound for me.

Wilson wrote his new EP over the course of two years in his bedroom and on the subway – the lyrics document his quest starting over in search of true fulfilment. The demos were brought to Jay Rothman at Mirrortone Studios in New York and both worked hard to complete the forthcoming debut EP titled ‘Keep Feeding Each Other’ which will be released drip by drip this summer.

It sounds like The Animal Collective doing a bizarre rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody – totally manic. Not everyone will be into this one I suspect.

All things considered, this is a track that resonates with me because of it’s wild structure – Spooky you have my support.


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