Lejon – Make You Mine

On this groggy bleak day in London – with torrential rain and Donald Trump making their way into the city – something had to raise my spirits on my journey home. It was then I was introduced to an electro-pop band that are based right on my doorstep here in West London, who have succeeded in brightening up my commute home. The band is formed of three fine musicians, singer Laurence Jepson, guitarist Michael Ivo and drummer/keyboard player Charlie Dale. Their latest single Make You Mine is a real find.

The track opens with some uplifting keyboard and oldschool claps, Jepson’s vocals hums through in a style not dissimilar to something Bastille’s frontman Dan Smith would put out. It all bodes well as it reaches the catchy chorus – the brooding 80s style synths that accompany it are utterly terrific. I imagine this track will do very well if the right people catch a listen of it – this sounds like a tune ideal for the incoming summer festival season. Somebody sign these guys up. The are currently being released via AWAL.

We caught the guys and asked them for a few words to describe the sound they are going for in this latest offering:

The sound was created in mind of the RnB diva driven pop records and their relentless rhythmic stylistics. Make You Mine was an early creation being renovated every so often over the last 3 years. We wanted to tell the story of heroic intention in the pursuit of intimacy in a convoluted society “

Nice words, please do check out this smashing release below.


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