Eamonn Watt – Drive on, Sunday Child

Music born in the Shetland Islands here from twenty three year old composer/all around music whizz Eamonn Watt. This talented music maker makes use of the wonderful ‘cuebase’ software to assemble his pieces and like most producers who arrange their sound electronically, he puts the completed works out for us mere mortals to listen to with intent via SoundCloud. Watt has been very successful with his musical endeavours thus far attaining a first class applied degree musical degree at university and also in setting up his own music organisation – Virtually Conducted Productions – a highly impressive and consistent artillery of soundscapes and compositions he has made using his undoubted classically trained talents.

Drive on, Sunday Child is a brilliantly chirpy little thing which caught ny attention immediately. The track opens with some electric and a bit of trip-hop beatwork, it is when the dreamy sleepy piano creeps in that we feel the full chilled-out brunt of this fabulous release from Watt. I saw one publication comparing this track to something ‘Lemon Jelly‘ would come out with and I have to agree. This is certainly Lemon Jelly-esque. Some nice crackling effects further add to the overall feeling of chill to be heard here.

I must take a trip out to those Shetland Islands one day – if the musicians are this good out there it would certainly be worth a trip up to the local island pub for a sing song. Great effort here Eamonn, really top work. I hear this guy teaches the drums out there too, the future is bright.


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