Beatmaker Kicktracks has been messing around making beats on his Maschine and Roland sp404a for a few years now. Today is the release date for his newest addition to his repertoire, ‘Draw My Soul’ – which features silky smooth vocals from Medeia. This is a song suitable for any lounge – the husky singing of this mysterious female lead is infectious.

This Russian producer came to prominence with his 2018 release ‘Midnight Lovers’ garnering attention from over one hundred thousend listeners on Spotify alone. His style is uniquely chilled out, which appeals to me because of it’s simplicity and languid nature. This is music to enjoy, not endure – put the headphones in and just vegetate – Kicktracks & Medeia have got you covered.

Unfortunately, I Don’t have too much in the way of background knowledge to share of the talented singer Medeia, I will make some enquiries and hopefully be able to update this later today 😉

Check out this non intrusive jingle below. Very impressive! Released on Monõki Records.

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