Cal Trask – Silence is Broken

Calvin Heinrichs is a 25 year old songwriter who hails from Toronto, Canada. In 2017, he released his debut EP named Posthumous which was received well and was honest and vulnerable in it’s lyricism. Trask’s forthcoming debut album,’Gemini God’, was mastered by none other than Mat Colton (James Blake, Coldplay & Mumford And Sons) – pretty decent work behind the scenes for a debut album. Trask sings about subject matter close to his heart as he touches upon mental health struggles and deaths that have impacted on his life. To record this new one, Trask travelled to Stockholm to mix the ten-song album at Stureparken 1 together with producer Anderas Unge.

“Gemini God is an album that says we are human; we hurt we bleed, but we shouldn’t feel alone because everyone hurts and bleeds. I chose to believe there is comfort in solidarity.

Silence is Broken is a very clean and accomplished track from this talented chap. The polished vocals are pure and impactful – Trask has the sound required to make it to the next level. I was very happy to be sent this track and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Check out the video below – we are looking forward to the album.

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