Retro Kid – Sweet Nothings

Our track of the week comes from Denmark based pair Retro Kid. Sweet Nothings is a vibrant party starter featuring BRN & Christiane. The song is not exactly straight out of the wrapper, it has been released a few months ago but it is only now we have managed to get our ears on it. These two talented Copenhagen residents have been getting major traction over on SubmitHub with their promotional campaigns and it’s great to see that the blogging world are still picking out the gems in this jam packed era filled with every man and his granny releasing music. Sweet Nothings is a track of immense quality.

The song opens with a Bonobo-esque intro to get the thing going. The vocals are then introduced and they are crisp and pure, with Christiane inputting some husk later on. What stands out the most is the addictive rolling percussion and ravey synth bass notes – this is a definitely an upbeat arrangement fit for any dancefloor. I would love to give this one a spin sometime to gauge it’s effect. For me the rhythm Retro Kid bring here is infectious – I got excited about it and that’s all that matters to me.

I hope you all enjoy this one. It’s certified fresh! Probably a 85% or above on Rotton Tomatoes 😉

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