XN – 2AM

Music from Beirut, Lebanon here from XN. 2AM is a moody piece filled with powerful synths, dark bass-lines and brooding deep vocals. What stands out here is the trippy and gloomy feel to the track on a whole. This is one of those songs that would fit perfectly with a train journey home at night when the form is on the moodier side of the scale. XN has the knack of bringing a supremely deep atmosphere through in his music.

2AM is not my absolute favourite track this summer but it certainly has a couple of pretty slick components thrown in. I am liking the huge synth lead throughout, it reminds me of French artist Son Of Kick‘s heavy-hitting style. The emotive piano chords are a nice touch too and the trippy flickers reminiscent of early work by Weekend Wolves. This is some powerful sauce. Have a gawk if you are feeling blue, this might resonate.

The moody tone of XN – 2AM is a track the skirts on the darker side of things.


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