Fake Turins release their old school new single ‘Two Of A Kind’

Outrageously refreshing London based post/punk band Fake Turins have just released their follow up single to the much respected ‘Afterwards’. We have been tracking this eclectic ensemble of musicians for the last couple of months, having had the pleasure of seeing them blast out tunes live on two occasions thus far in the City. The group is led by the charismatic Dominic Rose, who has been churning out the tunes for a good long while now, even before Turins were assembled. The group consist of a wide variety of highly trained and talented individuals and are ever changing in their live rotation. In one gig you may see a certain set of band members, the next gig you will see five or six totally different musician’s supporting front-man Rose. The idea of the collective is to create a community under the ‘Fake Turins’ umbrella, rather than just a set band of people. This arrangement ensures that the band can fulfill their packed schedule of gigs.

Two Of A Kind is the second full length release the band has put up on the net. This follows the brilliantly pensive ‘Afterwards’ that won praise from a couple of prestigious blogs. The track even got a nomination or two in the Glastonbury emerging talent competition. Not too shabby for a band with only one song available to stream at the time. The new track sets off in the same old fashioned Brit punk rock style. Rose sings like he is an 80s rock icon and the band support him with superbly constructed backbeats and harmonies. This is yet another pleasant release from one of my favourite London live bands this year. Make sure you get out of the bed and see them play live this summer – No excuses.

The music video for ‘Two Of A Kind’ is extremely well made too. All in keeping with the band’s throwback style. One of the cities best new acts.

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