German newcomer PaetGig unleashes a tasty single ‘Look Inside’.

25 year old musician and producer PaetGig has been honing his craft making electronic jingles for a couple of years now. His latest offering ‘Look inside’ stopped us in our tracks a little bit this morning – this is a really solid effort.

I have come accross many home producers making computer led electro in my time. It’s not often I stop in adoration. PaetGig has something a little bit special about him. He uses his own instruments throughout his work which certainly helps. Look Inside is a really interesting piece. He uses oldschool house vocal samples to give the track a dancefloor edge. These vocals, alongside the chirpy keys and heavy bassline make this one an essential listen for any summer playlist.

Another song worth throwing an ear at is ‘You’re my Mississippi Queen‘ I have linked the SoundCloud rip of it below. Seriously infectious Tech House styled stuff there. Clearly, he has a bright future ahead of him. His sound is growing with every new release.

Good work young sir.

Check out PaetGig on #SoundCloud

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