Introducing the Music of OCEAN PLEASANT

The day has come that I can indulge in writing about a tune we have played hundreds of times since grabbing the demo last month. Party Trick is the brand new single from independent LA artist Ocean Pleasant. At Sniffer we crave releases that stand out from the crowd – this one fits the bill in every regard.

When I first heard this track as it was sent to us via SubmitHub, I got those nice little excitment chills that all good music should evoke. Party Trick is a song that is certainly in the mould of what youth sensation Billie Eilish created on her stunningly popular debut album. A strikingly pure electro pop vibe that is fit for any indie dancefloor. She dons a wonderful vocal tone throughout this track and the catchy chorus is an instant earworm. I found myself singing along to the hook as I walked around London lately – definitely the sign of a good’un.

On furthur inspection, there are plenty of other stellar songs in Ocean Pleasant‘s back catalogue. The atmospheric accoustic Love Letter To Myself is a ukulele driven gem and the more mainstream sounding All or Nothing is another great listen. This is an act not to be ignored – if she doesn’t make a few pounds out of her music, there is something very stale in the music industry nowadays.

Check out Party Trick below. It’s Certified Fresh – a 98% on Rotton Tomatoes. Get on it.

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