Urchin – Closing

Fans of Maribou State and Jamie XX should take a peak into the musical repertoire of Urchin. This new exciting producer coming out of South West London is bringing those intense electronic feels on his opening collection of releases under this alias. Melodic synth-scapes and rasping percussion make his music a suitable listen for any modern electronic fans.

Urchin alongside Berlin based newbie Calcou are the two acts we recommend you to keep an eye on in the coming months. Apparently this used to be a full band of artists but the monikor now represents only solo producer Leo Appleyard. As a full band, you need to hear their uniquely brilliant version of club hit Show Me Love. You will realise that this is a pretty far-along musical project and not some shed start-up. The song we have singled out for praise today is the intensely constructed Closing.

Closing is a progressive electronic track very much like Maribou State in it’s sound. What I like the most about the track is the brooding crescendo of noise as the song comes alive in the mid section. I would love to hear this track played live on proper speakers at a music festival, it is a big sound worthy of a big rig of sound. If (When) we end up doing a DJ set at Glastonbury, this will be in the bag ready to go.

It definitely deserves more than 3 views on YouTube anyway. What is wrong with the world!

Urchin‘s debut EP Take Time is out now.


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