Brother Jonathan – Hurting

Brother Jonathan is a singer/songwriter from the South East of the UK that we have been tracking for a while. He has just released his debut single ‘Hurting‘ and it is a grizzly and emotive folk offering. He is definitely one to watch on the scene in the coming months. His ability to write pure and honest tracks, coupled with his smokey voice, make him a formidable newbie.

I remember a couple of months ago watched a video of a Brother Jonathan performance at Peggie Sue’s music Bar in Southend. I think the song he was singing was his Demo track Honey. I was pretty damn impressed at the crispness in his vocals. Not only does he possess a stand-out husky tone, he was throwing out well executed falsetto notes too. I am looking forward to hearing this fella live.

Check out his debut Hurting below. Let us know what you think.

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