Introducing Ottawa Musician ‘MAXIME.’

Ottowa musician Maxime.

Ottawa, Canada is the next stop on the map for a refreshing little listen to the unique sounds of Maxime Trippenbach aka Maxime. This Ottawa native is making some pretty damn nice music. The trap hi hat is the absolute bane of my life these days. I had nearly promised myself never to post a song with those dreaded beats – until this one came around. Spooktober is a gem of a thing.

Previously releasing electronic tunes under the moniker Maxd, this talented songwriter has created a whole new sound with this new indie pop project. The lush synths, smooth vocals and that incredible little sax bit in the mid section, make this single a must listen. I have really fallen for this track, it has become my little bedtime tune for the last few weeks.

I doubt you will be able to put his sound in a box. This is exemplary LoFi music at it’s best from the Ottawa musician. Cheers Mr Maxime. Dig This.

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