Swedish Producers ‘Otto Knows’ and ‘Biskuwi’ bring the electronic feels.

Here we share a duo of emotive electronic tracks coming out of Sweden this week. First off we share the brilliantly deep Altum by Biskuwi, with star producer Otto Knows and his surprisingly top drawer new release About You following it closely. Two very contrasting compositions – both wholly impressive in fulfilling their respective aims.

Biskuwi – Altum

This track from Biskuwi was an instant addition to the playlist from word go. The production quality is absolutely first rate here – the song blasts away with the crisp depth of a Kiasmos hit and the progressive quality of Rival Consoles. I mean, how bloody impressive is this track Altum eh?. The boy has serious skills.

The track opens with subtle glitch-y sounds played out over a clean set of a mellow piano chords. The hugely brooding kick drum comes in and we are elevated immediately to a state of electronic bliss. The next five minutes is an enthralling journey through absorbing synth arpeggio’s, pensive build-ups and powerful well crafted crescendos. This is one hell of an electronic release.

I have had this on repeat all week and am really looking forward to blasting it out on a full speaker system. Listening to this song too loud on my earphones is the sole reason for my latest bout of tinittus.


Otto Knows – About You

Otto Knows was catapulted onto the global music scene back in 2012 with his hit single Million Voices reverberating around the planet for months that summer. I haven’t heard much of his since to be honest and was pleasantly surprised when I found his latest single About You sitting in my inbox this morning.

If the previous song from Biskuwi was a little too dark for you, this chirpy and refreshing electro-pop track with float your boat a little more. The beat here is like the happiest french styled electro I have heard all year. About You is really well produced and a pleasure to the ears. If I was a betting man, I would put a few shillings on this track breaking it into the mainstream charts very soon.


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