Two Travel Vloggers Release Electronic Music Together

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Two best mates, Travelling the length and breadth of the planet together. Cycling bikes, making music, living life. I introduce to you UK electronic duo Total Bike Forever.

The journey the two have embarked on together in the last 14 months has taken them from London all the way over to Japan. They tirelessly lugged their synths, recording equipment and creative nous along with them on this mammoth jet-setting extravaganza. 26 countries were visited and with this they gathered a cultured array of fresh sounds to bring a unique charm to their productions.

Travel Vloggers Cycling

At the moment, they are compiling the songs they have recorded around the world with their debut album set to land soon. Ramnagar is a little sneak peak into what we can expect to hear from this exciting duo. This single is an electronic treat from start to finish. From the outset, we are met with a wash of crashing synths, strangely enticing vocal snippets and a brooding bassline. The track is a sonic journey in itself that leaves us excited to hear more!

Check out the ever so impressive Ramnagar by Total Bike Forever below. The lads will be releasing a documentary alongside their debut album documenting the mega trip – also they have some videos on their official YouTube channel worth looking at. Living the dream!

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