Yamil’s Peculiar Afro-House Track ‘Nakuru’ is Whopper.

Spanish producer Yamil has just unleashed an absolute weapon of a tribal dance tune straight out of the highest realm of Afro-House. This is not your standard run-of-the-mill house track, the trippy vocals screaming and hooting away give this song a real unique stand-alone edge. It is weird and wonderful and utterly groovy.

I adore South African house music, artists like Floyd Lavine, Culoe De Song, Jazzuelle rank as probably the best ones I have ever seen live in my whole life. Yamil is really bringing a similarly edgy, addictive sound with this latest release ‘Nakuru‘.

I remember bouncing along to a Floyd Lavine set in Budapest earlier this year, The place was pitch black, I was loaded, Floyd was expertly curating the tunes. I reckon those eight hours I spent in that basement were the best musical hours of my life. Eight hours of Afro-house belted out one after the other, absolute carnage. This new song by Yamil would have fitted in seamlessly to the set of music on that faithful night. I cannot give higher praise than that.


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