Blast From The Past: I’lls – Fifty-Phiphti (2014)

Our Blast of The Past track this morning comes from Melbourne band I’lls (Isles) and their 2014 trippy composition Fifty-Phiphti.

I remember hearing this one on a mundane, rainy and grim day during the winter months of 2014. I was having a shite old day and needed some musical therapy to get me through the evening. Sniffing through tons and tons of tunes on YouTube, I finally landed on this mad piece of music from these lads. I was taken aback by the unique nature of this track instantly, it was gripping from start to finish. The wobbly, distorted vocals – the offbeat crazy percussion – the heavy bassline at the end.

This is one of them songs I will always hold close to my heart – I don’t know why it stuck so much, it just resonates. This is powerful music in my opinion – it represents those harder times in life and offers me a musical respite from those stresses/memories.

Strong feels on this Blast From The Past.

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