Sniffer’s Midweek Top 5 Picks

This week we are enduring horrendous flash floods and storms in North-West London. The gloomy weather doesn’t scupper our plan to bring you our weekly top 5 submissions of the trailing week.

This week we feature music from Contemporary Dutch songstress Macarena – Indie Pop from British lads Night Flight – Some IDM from German producer Frank Ly – Folk/Blues from UK band Waste of Paint and another silky production from Russian melancholic expert KickTracks.

5 // KickTracks – Your Eyes

We are a big fan of KickTracks here at The Sound Sniffer. His music always brings with it a great sense of chill – Your Eyes is another silky fresh offering. He works in close tandem with his beloved Maschine and has been belting out a consistent repertoire of new releases in recent months.

We have featured this talented Russian before on Sniffer with his fabulous single ‘Draw My Soul’ (featuring the stunning husky vocals of Medeia) blowing us away at the time. This is a top level operator, always a pleasure.

4 // Macarena – Feel Good

Amsterdam native Macarena is a Neo-Soul act making great music over there in Holland. I admittedly wouldn’t normally be a huge neo-soul fan but this one just caught a hold instantly. Feel Good is a really top tune which demonstrates her superb vocal range perfectly. We love this song!

A powerful voice, a powerful composition, a powerful video. This is well worth your time today!

3 // Night Flight – Mexico

Subtle folk vibes here from British five piece Night Flight. This is one hell of an accomplished sound, how have these guys fallen under our radar until now. Mexico is a brilliantly uplifting tune. The lead singer has a pretty neat voice, especially throughout the verses. I am a huge fan of this.

Put on the kettle, sit back and enjoy the lovely sounds of Night Flight. It boasts a great music video too!

2 // Waste Of Paint – Baudelaire Waltz

A unique sounding five-piece from Hull, Waste Of Paint are a band that work in their own little world. Their sound is hard to categorize, it’s subtle yet intense at the same time. Baudelaire Waltz is a wonderful tune littered with sample snippets of an Irishman chatting about depression ( Still not sure if its Domhnall Gleeson or not) – the song is based around these little experimental clips. It is moody and certainly stand-alone stylistically.

This is track ideal for a movie soundtrack! Love it.

1 // Frank Ly – Bug

German IDM producer Frank Ly has hit top spot in our midweek submission picks with his glitchy, epic single ‘Bug’. This track is full of atmosphere and interesting soundscapes which make it our stand-out song this week. It’s loud, abrasive and full of synth vibes. Outstanding.

Out of all the songs sent to us this week it is the Berlin based Aussie who gets the nod. This may not be a sound suitable for a sensitive ear – It most definitely hits the mark for me. Well Played!

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