Urchin // Night Light

Leo Appleyard is the brainchild behind the vibrant new sounds of his moniker Urchin. Based in South-West London, Appleyard has embarked on a new direction stylistically in recent months and his latest release Night Light is a by-product of this. We have featured the cool vibrations of Urchin before on Sniffer and this one was always going to get a spin with us.

Night Light is a cracking production featuring the brilliant vocals of Archie Lyon Maris. It is a chirping, vibrant track with brilliantly catchy guitar riffs and a really radio ready feel. Appleyard brings his vast musical ability to the table with everything he produces. This track is my favourite so far and I will be absolutely stunned if his work isn’t picked up by a wider audience soon.

It’s just amazing the wealth of talent that is out there on the London scene at the moment. We have been inundated with submissions of the highest quality in recent months – Urchin is right at the top of the bill in our estimations. Anyone who likes a funky tune should get onto this track below. You won’t be disappointed. Keep up the great work Leo.



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