Kitt Philippa // Moth

Belfast’s shining light Kitt Philippa has just released their debut album Human yesterday. Honestly, I have to say, it is one of the hottest records on the scene at the minute. This is one of the most intensely and beautifully written bodies of work I have heard in ages. Two songs that really stand out on the album are Fahrenheit & Moth. The styling of the compositions is really different and imaginative.

Fahrenheit was the single that first grabbed our attention. The song is constructed with bleeping eerie sounds littering the background and glitch-y experimental echoes aplenty. Kitt’s fresh pure vocal performance is stand-alone on this one – what a huge talent. Another song I have singled out from the debut is Moth.

Moth is an emotion filled track that is perfect for a rainy mood. Subtle piano chords caressing, silky vocals flowing and strings holding it all together – this is one of them shoe-gaze tracks that just hits the mark in every sense. I get shades of SOAK from the soft vocals in this one. Kitt Philippa is heading on the same lofty trajectory as the Derry songstress too.

Kitt has been announced on the line-up of Eurosonic in Groningen in January (my favourite festival). I will definitely pop in for a tune of two over that weekend. Exciting stuff.

Check out a lovely rendition of Moth on Other Voices. The single Fahrenheit and the stream of the full album below. A real star in the making. Keep on keeping on.

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