Our Electronic Selections: November Edition #1

It’s my favourite time of the week again. We pick our top underground electronic songs for you from the trailing week. This is only edition number one of November due to us having a couple of weeks away from music to refuel the batteries. We are back and bring you five wonderful electronic tracks that are sure to get your ears pricked.

Featured this week we have German Lo-Fi House from Schegg / South African House from the quite wonderful producer Dj Odyccy / New releases from Sniffer favourite Yescene / Downtempo from Lebanese artist Etyen / Interesting beat making from Irishman Deadbeat Drew

DJ Odyccy / Hamba (Ft. Boohle)

South African producer DJ Odyccy is making top class beats over there. I have just been introduced to his work this week and have fallen in love with his clever artistry. A couple of years ago, I was virtually obsessed with the music of Jazzuelle and Culoe De Song as my love for South African house reached an all time peak. Songs like Jazzuelle’s ‘Undercurrents‘ and Culoes ‘Nguwe‘ (Featuring Thandiswa), blew my mind.

My love for the unique South African blend of vibrant house music has returned with Dj Odyccy’s new release Hamba striking the same excited reaction in me. This is a belter. I also feel ‘Inside Out’ is worth a listen too. He blends jazz elements into the tracks which gives his work an x-factor.

The track is taken from his new EP titled ‘Music Reigns‘, which is out now.

Schegg / Dance Elevator

German producer Schegg releases an impressive new EP titled ‘Dream Emulator’. We got our mittens around the EP and have singled out the opening track ‘Dance Elevator’ for a feature this evening. This Munich native is making those lovely chilled Lo-Fi progressive vibes. This is a track perfect for the bottom basement at circa 6am.

The EP itself is well worth throwing an ear at, his production skills are superb. The title track bounces around with powerful bass-lines and claps that would make the most rigid of dancefloor’s sway. ‘Problem Eliminator’ is an acidic number that is grimy and dark, in a good way. The closing track from the collection ‘Mind Escalator’ is an analog dream. All in all, I like this fella. A great EP, it wouldn’t go amiss if it was released on Matt and Andy’s Feel My Bicep label.

It is released on Clipp.Art

Yescene / Natural High

We have shared music from Tangiers based producer Yescene on The Sound Sniffer before. His last single ‘Make You Say it’, introduced us to his abilities. He is back again with a new groove this week with the ever impressive ‘Natural High‘ breaking into our list.

This single is a very chilled little thing with subtle keys, non-intrusive synths and a solid bass-line churning nicely throughout. The little throwback vocal also thrown in makes this one a pretty sweet listen. Check him out.

Etyen / Kayen

We stop in Beirut to catch the wavy down-tempo vibes of Etyen. His style is right up my ally in terms of slow plodding pace. He uses really interesting sound samples throughout his music and Kayen is a classy piece of electronic music. The intense build up of synths clattering around together make the final build up a really emotive one. I am liking this man’s style a lot.

Make sure to give this one an intent listen, they are some really nice elements at play here.

Deadbeat Drew / Sugar

Irishman Deadbeat Drew hails from the capital and has been turning out some really impressive little productions in recent times. His latest offering ‘Sugar‘ has just come out and we love his production style. He operates in a kind of glitch-y style which really catches the ear. This is a synth heavy track that is really well thought out. The vocals go perfectly with the flow of the composition too.

His music is starting to get a little bit of traction of late with this single getting placed on a couple of Official Spotify Playlists and a few write ups so far. This is a good sign for him and hopefully enough people engage with his productions. We certainly respect the artistry of this fella.

Another track from Deadbeat Drew that we recommend is ‘I’m Going To Go Home’, we will also link that below. It’s a stellar progressive track just waiting for a collab.

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