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Philadelphia is the home of futuristic funk group Fantasy 15, who have just graced the internet with their groovy debut single this week.

Fantasy 15 are the house band for Eraserhood Sound ‘Synth & Soul’ label over there in Philly and their opening release ‘Fame or Life‘ chirps away with old school bass-lines and quirky sound effects aplenty. The song was sent our way earlier in the week and we have been blaring it about with gusto and confidence. This is music to be taken in whilst sipping on a swanky cocktail in a hip cafe. Feel good grooves.

The band sound like proper hippies too and describe their sound as a mix between Nigerian Funk, Brazilian Tropicália and New York’s New Wave. The subtle vocals and harmonies drift through the piece amidst a wash of claps and shimmering synth melodies. This is a blissful sonic funk journey. The song has been received really well so far and I’m delighted, it’s great to know that good music can still shine through.

I love their trippy description below! Listen to the tune below that!

In a land far, far away, in a not-so-distant future lies Zoltandia, a city defenseless against the automation of all human experience. Inhabitants of the once-sprawling ecological wonder have for the past 100 years slowly and unwittingly submitted themselves to a cold and merciless digital government, a monolith who’s sole purpose is to replace the soulful expression of life with a pre-programmed robotic reality. 

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