Goodnight Goodbye / All For It

joe and sam woollard

Joe and Sam Woollard are two brothers who have teamed up and begun writing decent music together. The two British lads who make up the moniker Goodnight Goodbye, have released their debut single All For It recently. From this evidence it’s hard not to see them both making a real go of this. This single may pass you by at first but if you give it the time of day and spin it again you will realise just how catchy it is.

These are the second set of British brothers debuting this year with a review from us. They follow in the footsteps of Model Man who broke through to our keyboards earlier on in the year. Stylistically, Goodnight Goodbye operate in a total different sphere. Their sound is cleverly constructed mellow Indie. All For It is extremely pleasant on the ear. It’s filled with chirpy guitar, high-pitched vocals and a silky bass-line. It’s a cracking debut single really.

There is a reference to Instagram in the tune which is my only criticism as I absolutely despise social media myself. I suppose the use of these kind of lyrical references are just part and parcel of the world we live in now. I’ll forgive. As debut singles go, All For It is pretty damn great. Look forward to hearing more and hopefully catching the lads live in London soon.

Joe Woollard and Sam Woollard could well be the next big things.



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