GOLDEN // Unaccountable

Smooth vocals are the watchword for New York based bedroom songwriter Bailey aka GOLDEN. Her bedroom studio in Brooklyn is where she has been camped this year as she works on her debut mixtape that will be surfacing in June. Until then, she will be releasing a series of singles to build up traction over the next few months. Her latest single Unaccountable has just been released and it is a wonderfully relaxing tune. She has already garnered great support on SubmitHub from the blogging world which is a tasty sign of things to come. The likes of BIRP and Alternative Alpaca have since shared this whimsical release. No mean feat.

What I love about this track is the unique manner in which it is compiled. A solidly melancholic intro gets the track going in a thought provoking way. Her crisp vocals take the track onwards with subtle LoFi beats in accompaniment. This is a really uniquely chilled release in a sea of bland submissions – Bailey’s skills have turned heads thus far and there is no surprise as to why. Unaccountable is an ambient journey!

As a fan of Beach House, I found her previous release ‘Running’ to be equally as impressive. The droning experimental beat-work in that tune is quality. The song reminded me of Norway by Beach House at times. She makes songs for the winter, batten up the hatches and boil the kettle – GOLDEN has the vibes covered.

Check out the new track titled Unaccountable by GOLDEN below. Fresh.

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