The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape | #009

It’s Friday, release day in the robotic, groundhog day life of the Spotify circus. The perk of a Friday is, of course, the wealth of new releases for me to babble about. Been holding onto a few of these tracks for a couple of weeks and I’m glad to be able to share them this evening. Some real quality in here – this lockdown mixtape is keeping me going lads.

Gold Spectacles / Lothario

DIY duo Gold Spectacles create chirpy indie pop stuff and return after a year of studio hibernation. Lothario is their first single since their self-titled debut album in 2019. I shared the Santigold-esque ‘Stranger Than You‘ back then and have been pleased to see their rise up the numbers charts on Spotify since. This duo have all the ingrediants to make a good go of this music lark and it seems they are steadily growing their fanbase too. This new single is undoubtedly a pop tune but retains enough creativity in the instrumentation to turn heads – another strong offering from this talented British pair. It looks like the hibernation worked well!

Golden / Running (Alternate Version)

NY songmaker Golden always seems to end up getting a share on this site. Her music is Lo-Fi, melancholic and totally easy on the ear, a new alternate version of Running was released a couple of hours ago and as always, I’m all over it. I’ve written about her enough times now not to go into too much detail without repeating myself – if you want to know more you can read more about her and listen to the other wonderful singles here & here. For now, take a listen to Running, it’s a good ‘un.

Christian Cohle / Drown Me Slow

Dublin’s Christian Cohle‘s debut single ‘Breathe‘ was a fairly impressive thing. I remember thinking to myself earlier in the year that Cohle would be a household name in no time. The production quality of both Breathe and Wallflower suggest that it’s only a matter of time before he gets that big explosion onto BBC Radio 1 or something along those lines. He has today released his final taster track of 2020, a final precursor to next year’s debut album drop. Drown Me Slow might not have the conventional pop, commercial appeal neccesary to break the mainstream but, by god, it’s a brilliant track – probably my favourite from the talented Dub so far. This guy WILL have a hit at some point.

The Paper Kites / Without Your Love

It’s really exciting to receive a submission from The Paper Kites a couple of days ago. When I was younger, these guys were one of my favourite folk bands from that era (St. Clarity being my favourite track). As the years have gone on, I haven’t really tracked their new stuff until now. Without Your Love was released this afternoon and features the distinctly luscious voice of Julia Stone (one half of Angus & Julia Stone, of course). Anything with Julia Stone near it sounds good! It’s not often I get to share reviews for people I adored in the past, this makes a nice change.

Field Kit / Motorized Piano

I don’t even know how to describe this one! Never heard anything like it to be perfectly honest. Field Kit are a German duo, Hannah von Hubbenet & John Gurtler, who keep busy by experimenting with sound using mechanical hammers (to play the piano) and organic synthesisers. For Motorized Piano, they’ve drafted in Nando Schaefer to play some drums too. This is very artsy indeed and describing what’s happening musically is way above my pay grade, I can only reference what sounds good, this does. Have a look and enjoy this cinematic experience for yourselves, or not – I loved it.

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