London Rapper ‘DC’ Releases A Gem – ‘Neighbourhood’.

London rapper DC has just released a single called ‘Neighbourhood’ today and it’s absolutely golden. This confident South East Londoner is definitely one to watch.

DC London rapper
London Rapper – DC

In my time running The Sound Sniffer, I haven’t really featured many rap artists. Last summer, we featured a track called The Wedding by a young unsigned, Romford based rapper, Average J. That’s been about it in terms of rap on here recently. I stumbled across this new DC single a couple of hours ago and totally fell in love. The piano based beat, the smooth vocal tone and the poignancy of the lyrics on Neighbourhood set it apart. I’ve come across plenty of tunes in this style, sure, but this one is universally appealing. The whole package just works.

The tune was released earlier today and a well produced video accompanies it too. It’s clear lots of work and dedication has gone into this project. I wouldn’t be a huge expert on London’s rap scene and the artists that are big right now. However, I do respect a good tune when I find one and Neighbourhood by DC is the best tune I’ve come across this week. I didn’t think I’d be falling in love with a rap tune today. It has happened and it feels good.

Some words to describe it – Powerful / Honest / Impactful

DC Releases New Single – ‘Neighbourhood’.


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