A Midweek Dose of LoFi Hip-Hop and Indie Electronic

I listened to exactly eighty new songs today! My list of potential features has been whittled down to two nice selections. Here are the two songs that stood out! It’s been quite the day – I’m tired. But today I enjoyed music from Biiig Stretch and Kowloon.

BiiiG STRECH / Redondo Pier

LoFi Hip-Hop

It’s been a stunningly hot and beautiful day. I woke up, had my breakfast. went for a walk, pondered, pondered some more and then found this beat from Biiig Stretch in my inbox. As I listened through my morning submissions I nearly thought I’d just received a submission from Biig Piig (one Irish musician to watch for!)! That would have been cool. It wasn’t Jessica but it was in fact, Biiig Stretch – a LoFi producer from America. Redondo Pier was the tune he sent in and it’s quite the bop. Sound.

Biiig Stretch – Redondo Pier

Kowloon / Paradise

Indie Electro

Kowloon is an American Indie Electronic artist who has just released a really chilled and catchy single titled ‘Paradise‘. This is the tune I’ve been listening to in the garden on repeat. The chiming synths evoke an uplifting feeling in me. This is the perfect little tune to accompany a glorious day of heat like today. Don’t stress out and take in the bouncy melancholy of Kowloon.

Kowloon – Paradise


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