The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape | #008

I was a bit late drafting up today’s mixtape – a mixture of excercise and cooking has pushed me off schedule today. A couple of nights ago, I enlisted the help of a couple of facebook music groups, asking them for submissions – I received over six hundred responses. Hopefully I’ll be able to unearth some real gold from there in the coming weeks – Welcome to episode eight, it features some lovely new indie folk tunes.

Annsofie Salomon / Soft Dreams

Annsofie Salomon new indie folk

God I love this job sometimes – getting to hear debut singles like this before they are released, it’s fab. Ever since I was a kid, finding new music that resonated with me was all the fuel I needed to feel revitalised and energetic. This morning I was feeling a bit groggy, moody and impossible – a couple of listens to Danish songwriter Annsofie Salomon‘s opening single and things were rosy again. Soft Dreams is, as the title suggests, soft and soothing. Shimmering synths, simplistic bass notes and Salomon’s Nordic vocals pierce lightly. Chuffed to share this one with you all this afternoon.

Stillehavet / Gaia


This is lively! Norwegian dream pop artist Stillehavet has recently released a complete gem of a song – Gaia. I was flicking through a list of songs on SubmitHub and came across this atmospheric, genius construction. A hopping bass line, dreamy vocals and wild synth textures work in tandum to make this a must-hear selection. Not many songs deserve an instant second listen, this one does. There are so many working parts to this song and all of those parts just work.

Matilda Mann / Japan

Matilda Mann new indie folk

Some high class Indie Folk from West London’s Matilda Mann. With the same incrediblely delicate style as Genevieve Stokes, Mann is yet another hotly tipped young folk prospect. It’s amazing how her music has totally slipped through my net until now – Japan is a song perfect for chilling out whilst travelling! When the world gets normal again, I look forward to loading up this song as I nestle into my own airplane seat. I don’t think I’ll fly to Japan and cry like Matilda suggests in her lyrics, but I’ll fly somewhere and this song will be on the shuffle. Check out this new single from her and make sure to listen to her back catalogue too – impressive.

Thunberg / Med Kniv & Gaffel

Squid Roe Records

Holy Moly, Stokholm is the home of pretty much all of my favourite soft house tracks – You’ve got Axel Boman, Kornel Kovacs and Bella Boo (all of Studio Barnhus). Today we have a new label to throw into the hat, Stockholm based house label Squid Roe Records, they are giving the Barnhus boys a run for their money here. Swedish producer Thunberg‘s second release on the imprint is a slick ol’ thing. A simple track with a repeated beat that would get a whole nursing home up dancing. I’d like to see that actually. Top tune.

Taucode / Woman Warrior

Taucode New Indie Folk

To finish today’s episode we’ve got some more London based indie folk for you in the shape of Taucode. Consisting of Jo Harrop, Joost Heremans and Hannah V – this trio come together on their latest single Woman Warrior. It’s been an indie folk kind of day for me it seems, the weather is cold, light is in short supply and the mood is fairly mellow. I think this is the first time it’s actually felt like winter. This is a nice track here and it’s a fitting one to end today’s Lockdown Mixtape. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tunes and see you all again tomorrow!

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