The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape | #007

A full week has passed in Lockdown, a full week of Lockdown Mixtape’s have been published – What day is it? Who am I? What time is it?……

Welcome to episode seven of The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape.

Samuel Nicholson / William

Samuel Nicholson

In September, I scuttled into the city – I hadn’t been on a tube since March, my feet hadn’t touched the London concrete in months, the city was off limits. The virus seemed rampant in the months in-between, so my thirty minute trip was deemed too dangerous for the majority of the year. Why did I end up going in September though? Did you ask? No? I’ll tell you anyway – it was a seated Samuel Nicholson gig at The Gladstone Arms – that’s why!

Nicholson performed a solo rendition of most tracks from his new album ‘Missing Persons Report‘, it was a great show. As weird as the year has been, getting a fleeting taste of live music again was a nice touch. If you haven’t heard of Samuel Nicholson yet, make sure to listen to his new album – his softer, stripped-back compositions (ie: Frida, Robert, William, Andy) is where you’ll find me.

Jackson Mathod / Spanish Bifter

Jackson Mathod

Jackson Mathod returns with another track worthy of a feature, that’s three out of three now – it looks like I’m an overly keen fan – better lay off soon. Following the impressive debut single The Park and the uptempo jazz burner India, we find ourselves at the feet of Spanish Bifter. This is the third single from Mathod to grace the vast library of Spotify – the third single to catch my ear.

This track opens up (and finishes) like the intro tune to some retro US detective/cop show, Monk, Wallander or Miami Vice – something like that. Just imagine the grainy opening shot of a 1980’s show, a vintage police chase, people running about everywhere with this song in the background . Hopefully there wasn’t LSD in my cup of tea there, I’m writing utter tosh! Check the song, it’s a good one – perfect for a retro detective show….

Baby’s Berserk / What I Mean

Baby's Berserk Music

Now this is what I’m talking about – Baby’s Berserk debut single appeared yesterday and it’s quality. What I Mean is about as impressive a debut single I’ve heard all year (behind Billy Nomates -No) – apparently it’s an ode to underground raving in the 90’s. The song has a fluid, infectious energy that would get the most dull and dreary character jiggling around the hips. The eccentric trio consists of Mano Hollestelle, Lieselot Elzinga and Puggy Beales (what a name). I love how the song isn’t even on Spotify – it’s available to buy as a 7′ via their label Bongo Joe Records.

This is essential listening for any disco-loving crate diggers out there!

Maja Lena / Avalanche

Maja Lena Music

Maja Lena‘s voice is so pretty that flowers grow out of her head.

I could have just left that as a one-line review, I considered it but bailed on the idea, weak. Maja Lena is solo project of Marianne Parrish, formerly of alt-folk band Low Chimes. This is her debut single and I absolutely love it! The vocals remind me of traditional Irish folk and the whole track has a beautifully delicate structure. Pluck-y strings, wobbling woodwind and those floral, colourful high-pitched vocals combine to create an aural treat. Maja Lena should definitely give Clannad a call for a collaboration – I’d pay to hear it.

Monterrey / New Light

Monterray band

New Light is a tune I discovered last night and it got the pulses racing a bit. The other-worldly instrumental backdrop is what stood out the most, especially that glitchy synth sound that ripples through from the outset. Monterrey is a project formed in 2015 by Miami-based producer Roger Del Pino in his bedroom, it’s since become a flashy four-piece. Like Mathod’s track above, this one also boasts an 80’s throwback sound – this time a homage to the electronic 80’s. I’m not sure what box to fit this song in but it sure beats those bass-heavy, trap hi hat riddled slush type songs people keep sending me. This is a fresh kind of thing, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m in.

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