Gold Spectacles – Stranger Than You

Gold Spectacles are a British music making duo doing big bits on their musical journey. Garnering heavy influence from the likes of anyone from Paul Simon to Phoenix, these two are making really sweet sounds from their modest bedroom studio. Their latest single Stranger Than You landed on my lap early last week and we are absolutely delighted it did.

Back in the day, Santigold, was my favorite act for around two years solid. I find it hard not to compare this latest track from Gold Spectacles to the fantastic work of Santigold and her band. Stranger Than You is an absolute treat. They define their sound as Baroque-Pop, I’m not too accustomed to that genre at all but if this is anything to go on, I’m down for it. Since early 2018 they have been churning out a consistent mash of tunes. The have released one a month since they established themselves. Every song is of a top drawer.

November this year is the release of their self-titled debut album – exciting stuff. Get the earphones in and enjoy the Santigold/Nikki & The Doves vibe of their latest impressive release below.

It’s not often I love a track on first listen. This one was shoved straight onto my Spotify Playlist after hearing a measly twenty seconds. Sometimes you just know quality when you hear it. I hope to catch these guys around London at some point in the near future. Check out the tune below and make up your own minds. 

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