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Shane ‘TADGH’ Nolan has been grafting all his life to make headway in music and get his unmistakable talent heard. It sounds like such a simple thing, good music will always be picked up, they tend to say, sadly that is never the case. Becoming successful in music these days is all about talent, personality, graft and most importantly a bit of oul luck. ‘TADGH’ has the first three traits needed and is just waiting for that bit of luck to get him over the line. I’ve known this fella a long time and he has always been adamant in his quest to become a key musician in the Irish scene – he is edging closer and closer to his lofty goals.

A couple of years ago Nolan struck the mark with his brilliant ‘OkayLove’ release and received rave reviews from the likes of ‘HotPress Magazine and ‘Nialler9 – big influencers (pardon the word) on the Irish music publications tree. The tune went on to be included in several well followed Spotify curated playlists and offered TADGH his first taste of the numbers he will need to make it to the next step. Since then, like millions of musicians, he is trying to make all of his new stuff similarly appealing to the bigwigs of Spotify etc -Keeping the hype is incredibly difficult. I am fairly convinced that Nolan’s upcoming releases will catapult him from mid-table upcoming Irish act into a hidden gem.

Moving swiftly onto the tunes, the latest release ‘Worry’ follows the bizarrely unique ‘I am the Champion’. ‘Worry’ is a personal acoustic take on Little Chalfont native Jack Garratt’s absolute legend of a tune from 2014. ‘TADGH’ has a stunning ability when it comes to hitting notes, he just always hits notes, whether falsetto or mid range. This is an emotive and simple cover which is very pleasant on the ear indeed. I am very intrigued to see how he promotes himself in the coming months as the tune/s in the pipeline, if rightly promoted will take him (and the band) onto the next step in their development.

If you are in Dublin or for whatever reason…. Dundalk (:P)- in the coming few days TADGH has three gigs of note coming up.

  • March 16th – @ Spirit Store in Dundalk with Accidents in the Workplace
  • March 17th – @ Whelen’s Main Room in Dublin
  • March 22nd – Headline Show @ The Grand Social in Dublin

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  1. Yes, it’s not just talent ‘cause people in the music biz do have that. It’s also about charisma and, as you mentioned, luck! …Plus good connections!!! 😃

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