DJ Jenifa (Gold Panda) – MLL


This has to be the most exciting thing to come out of this week in music, for me anyway. A free album released by DJ Jenifa on bandcamp. Who the hell is DJ Jenifa? Well, it’s none other than Chelmsford’s beloved Derwin Schlecker ( GOLD PANDA ). These are all nibbles Schlecker has been working on recently that he feels don’t link rightly into his Panda brand I presume. I am loving this generosity, giving his fans some gold for free! Sound man.

Check out the new stuff on the link below

Gold Panda is one of the best producers I have come across since I was a kid. I remember booking my first music festival, ‘Life Festival’ in Ireland solely because he was booked to play. The actual gig was a farce in the end as it was pouring with rain ( absolutely pissing ) and only about five mad eejets like myself braved it out in the end, shame, I managed to catch him indoors @ The Dome, London a couple of years later though thankfully so that pretty much redeemed it. I’d reccomend anyone to go and see this man somewhere in the future.

It’s always nice to hear this mans music, it resinates!




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