Pascäal – A.Q

This lad broke through a good few years ago with some pure class reworks using samples of well known chart hits. Songs like ‘Drowning in You‘ and ‘Cheated‘ were tunes I used to play in my shed with the gang over, to a curious and on the whole, positive reaction. Pascäal had the touch back then for sure. Sadly, he vanished shortly after his debut EP ‘Fragile. He only posted two further tunes and everyone thought that it was all done and dusted. Then, late last year, he was back.

Pascäals lovely debut EP ‘Fragile’

A full album sprung out of the blue late in 2018, I nearly dropped my phone, is it true? ‘Plastic‘ the twelve song full album was actually here. I downloaded it and listened away with anticipation. Sadly, it was a more ambient collection which doesn’t suit my tastes, still, he was back.

This week Pascäal has released yet another EP (previously available on soundcloud) onto Spotify, this time named ‘Stils‘ which is more heavy hitting on the percussion side, I really like the opening track ‘A.Q‘. This is more like it, purposeful and powerful. The artist I orginally liked back five years ago is creeping back. Fire.

Check out the well produced ‘A.Q.’ below.

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