New Irish Artist: Christian Cohle and his Debut Single ‘Breathe’.

Christian Cohle

Ireland has a new musician bursting onto the scene today. ‘Breathe’, is the debut offering from Dubliner Christian Cohle. It is epic.

It’s not often a first single is able to give me a sure impression of an artist’s credentials. I am fairy convinced that Christian Cohle is one of the few wholly talented ones who will rise pretty quickly in the music industry. The opening track under his new moniker is absolutely fantastic. The electronically charged ‘Breathe‘ hits hard with raging synths and bustling energy. The thing sounds like it could be in any summer festival promo video already.

I received the track from Beth at Danger Village and usually my tendency is to steer clear of the music I receive from her. She runs a highly respected and successful PR company but tends to support bigger names and mainly commercially oriented artists. As a fan of the bizarre and unique, nothing ever seems to tickle my fancy. I’ve shared a couple in recent times from her but this one just takes the biscuit. As soon as I heard the production on this single for the first time, my mind was semi blown. This could well rank alongside David Kitt‘s 2018 dramatic single ‘Hammer Time’ at my top of my ‘Best of Irish’ list, since the blog was formed in early ’18.

A new electronic sound;

The emotive synths, the rave-y bass-line and that catchy vocal hook make this a really high class affair. The single is accompanied by a really nice official video too – a lot of work has gone into this one. Big things are expected. He is getting it spun on 2fm tonight and I’m sure some skins will have their heads turned. This is quality – good man Christian.

Check out the artist:

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