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Another super Irish release today comes from Ellen and Carla, the two talented components that make up Elkin. The duo have been singing together since the age of 15 and now are under the watchful eye of respected producer ‘Lullahush‘, who is making them their fab beats on new single ‘Win Win‘. It has just been released today.

My housemate here in London, Shane (aka TADGH), sent me a Lullahush track about a year ago. I was bamboozled by his trippy electronic style but ultimately loved it. The song in question was ‘Clothes’. I popped it on the blog back then (I’ll leave a link to it below). He was quickly picked up by BDi and shipped over to the UK alongside songstress AE MAK, where he has begun producing slick beats for others. Win Win is the latest offering.

The duo were concentrating on their folk compositions until they began to collaborate with Lulla. Their sound has since morphed into a blend of alt/pop. This new single is right up my street stylistically. It’s bouncy, vibrant and the chorus bass-line is pretty hard hitting. The duo display superb vocals throughout the track. I’m delighted this single came my way.

A productive Duo;

The two friends are self-managed so are trying their best to get going – if you like podcasts, they have one. It’s called ‘I can’t believe they’re not sisters‘. They plan on releasing an EP later in the year and hope to fill the months in between with a few singles to set the scene. Check out ‘Win Win’ below.

More Elkin Info here: https://www.breakingtunes.com/elkinband

Lullahush article: https://thesoundsniffer.com/2019/03/22/lullahush-clothes/

Another big Irish release today: (21/02/20)

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