The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape | #010

Hope you are all having a pleasant Sunday wherever you may be in the world. I’ve had a very relaxing weekend, after taking yesterday off completely, the Lockdown Mixtape picks up where we left off. Here are another five tracks that stood out in the sea of submissions. Welcome to episode ten.

Ishi Vu / Isolated Incidents

William Cohen is the brainchild behind the garage sound of Ishi Vu – The Gothenburg producer, with close ties to Studio Barnhus releases a stellar, old-school acid garage tune called isolated incidents via Different Records. Fusing some electric guitar riffs with a steady garage drum beat and those mad Gran Turismo 2-esque acid synths, this is a wonderful single from the eccentric young Swede. This tune is a fitting opener to today’s mixtape – lively and well thought up! Have a gawk!

Rosbeh x Paulii / Oceans

Another electronic tune here from German artist’s Rosbeh and Paulii – I don’t know whats happening with my musical taste, it fluctuates from genre to genre. All week, I was happy sharing folk tunes with high-pitched female vocals! Now I’m all about electronic things – next week the mixtape could be filled with death metal, who knows. Anyway, Oceans is the track I’m writing about here and it ranks 90+ on the chill-o-meter – with a sound not dissimilar to Chris Malinchak or Stardust, this is a slick production and perfect for lounging around a pool. If I was near a pool, I’d lounge around it to this. If….

Chaos Control / DOLO

Ok, I’ve decided to stay on electronic music releases for this episode! Sunday will be dedicated to the best new house, garage and techno tunes, I’m making it up as I go along. North Carolina’s Darion Bradley (Chaos Control) is next in the queue with his brooding, growling tech tune DOLO. He has released over twenty albums to date so saying he is a newcomer would be total tosh – he’s certainly prolific. DOLO is one of them powerful tracks that makes everyone in the rave bunker sway from side to side. I haven’t been to a rave bunker since seeing Floyd Lavine in Budapest last year – looking forward to feeling the tunes again in 2021. Chaos Control has a great sound.

Kawari / Hiraeth

Not quite as heavy-handed as Chaos Control’s DOLO – Italian downtempo producer Kawari hits all the right buttons with his new melodic, synth-driven track Hiraeth which was released over the weekend. I’ve been a huge downtempo fan over the past few years, it’s the most pleasing electronic genre in terms of melody creation and sound layering. Kawari is another highly-skilled operater to add to the list. Hiraeth features lovely tribal vocals that elevate the tune into the South African house sphere.

Skwodam / The Yellow One

London based producer Skwodam is my final pick for this electronic edition of the lockdown mixtape. Operating in the downtempo, nu-jazz realm – His sound combines live instrumentation with electronic elements. Taken from his debut EP ‘Little Boxes’ – The Yellow One closes out the collection with impressive force. The EP itself is filled with experimental ideas – The Pink One is also a brilliant example of his talents – a flurry of piano arpeggios, pronounced bass line and creative percussion throughout. I’ve listened to a heap of electronic releases in recent months (in line with my coverage of The Outlaw Ocean Project) – it’s safe to say Skwodam’s ideas are right up there in the upper echelon.

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