The Sound Sniffer’s Lockdown Mixtape | #011

Episode eleven of The Sound Sniffer’s Mixtape is here – running a lot thinner on top submissions this morning. I’ve managed to wrangle three worthwhile songs and I’m fairly sure you will like them. Might take a few days off to re-group and gather more songs, it’s a slow period of the year, quality is much harder to come by at year’s end. Hope you are all keeping well and busy, welcome to episode eleven.

The Nation Mourns / Ogre

I’ve been really impressed with the debut single from Irish folk songwriter Neil O’Shea. Releasing under the moniker of The Nation Mourns, O’Shea has announced himself to the folk world with his wonderfully mellow single Ogre. I found this track on a really deep dig this morning and it’s safe to say, it’s a bloody keeper! I’m not even in a cup of tea, listen to folk music mood and I’ve stopped dead on this tune. Delighted to announce that Ireland has another huge prospect (or People’s Republic of Cork, however you wanna phrase it). Plucky acoustic strings, rippling harmonies and a silky lead vocal. Introducing Neil O’Shea.

DuCre / Here’s Hoping

Our first Icelandic tune to be shared for ages comes in the shape of the glistening and enchanting Here’s Hoping by DuCre. This new aspiring producer conjures his inner Max Cooper and Kowton, using the glockenspiel to great effect in this dreamy soundscape. It’s not since the aformentioned Kowton’s Glock & Roll that I’ve been this absorbed by the sound of a glockenspiel. Really solid work both musically and visually by DuCre – one to watch.

Great Value Jesus / 6am (Album)

Great Value Jesus is a high class beat maker from Portland. He’d be a dream for anyone looking for a producer to make standout beats. Lets talk hypothetically, if I was a half successful vocalist and was looking for someone to make intricate and well structured beats for me, I’d be looking straight at Great Value Jesus. His latest album is filled with short and sweet snippets that outline his varied and diverse talent. I’ve never spoken to the guy and don’t know if he would even do a collaboration, all I know is that he really should be snapped up – and quick! Check the full album here

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